HIT CD cover Heaving In Tongues -

Documenting the San Francisco spoken word band scene that was over far sooner than anyone realized, Heaving In Tongues contains material from 99 Hooker (of Bible Launcher fame), Asbestos Removal Crew, the Bohipniks, and LX Rudis.

More spoken word than improv music, Heaving In Tongues contains styles ranging from electronic bebop to heavy metal oratory, from the dry dark humour of Asbestos Removal Crew to the urban droll-viality of the Bohipniks.

"The sort of poetry the Beats made popular, but with a post-fusion jazz attack and a poetry that wears its many post-beat influences like tatoos."

- Stephen Ronan, KPFA

Poem-99 Hooker M Stevens Boring Witness-99 Hooker
I Dont Just Think About Sex-Bohipniks Pith of the Soul-LX Rudis Steve Smith
Kansas-Asbestos Removal Crew Starkweather-Asbestos Removal Crew
Bus Driver-Asbestos Removal Crew Plasma Hoppin-Asbestos Removal Crew
Warehouse Accidents-Asbestos Removal Crew Rons Broken Car Collection-Asbestos Removal Crew
Im Freezing My Sperm-Bohipniks Mission-So Nominal-A Bohogeoisie
Salvation-Bohipniks Song in the Air-99 Hooker
The Visit-Bohipniks Mixing up Memory
Here We Go-Bohipniks The Pressure of Paradise-99 Hooker
Beatnik Poem 61-99 Hooker Visualize Great Sex-Bohipniks
Etymology of Heavy Metal-99 Hooker M Stevens Cheap Surrealism in the Inner Sunset-Bohipniks
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